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Why our small-town daily is adding a full-time curator

We’re adding a full-time curator position at The Register Citizen. Jenny Golfin, whose duties have included morning shift web updating, social media management and reporting, will be devoted full-time to this new role. Her mission will be to provide our … Continue reading

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Washington Post shows it values accuracy, audience engagement in step away from ‘fortress journalism’

The Washington Post made a huge statement yesterday about the accuracy of its reporting, engaging with its audience and building a stronger relationship of trust with its readers. A link to this page – asking readers and sources to bring … Continue reading

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Is ‘the editorial board meeting’ defunct in a truly open newsroom?

When we first announced plans to open The Register Citizen Newsroom Cafe in December, the bulk of the criticism was centered on two themes. From critics within the newspaper industry, primarily, we heard that it would be impractical, disruptive and … Continue reading

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Bringing the Outside In: Newsroom Cafe and more in Torrington, Connecticut

What does a “digital first, print last” newsroom look like? I’m pleased, following months of work and planning behind the scenes, to be able to share with you this announcement from Journal Register Company. After 110 years in (literally) our … Continue reading

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Journal Register Company’s Ben Franklin Project leads to crowdsourced community revitalization

A big announcement is planned tomorrow in Journal Register Company newspaper town Torrington, Connecticut. After years of empty storefronts, absentee landlords and lack of progress on efforts to revitalize its struggling downtown, three local investors have stepped up to purchase … Continue reading

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The first six months of radical change in a traditional newspaper company

CLICK HERE for a column I wrote last week explaining to readers the changes that have taken place in my newspaper’s parent company since John Paton was named as CEO in January. More than most communities, Torrington, Connecticut, for some … Continue reading

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Bringing the outside in, and reviving a newspaper library

After 105 years operating out of the same building in downtown Torrington, Conn., my newspaper will be moving soon to a new office. And for 105 years, our business model has pretty much remained the same: Spitting out our version … Continue reading

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